We are on the precipice of the next seismic shift in real estate defined by urbanization, digitization and social responsibility.”
Scott Rechler, Chairman & CEO

RXR Tenant Return-to-Office Information & Protocols

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At The Forefront of The Evolution 
Of Real Estate

At RXR, we believe that real estate is no longer about delivering four walls to a tenant. Instead it is about providing, activating and merchandising programs within those four walls so that our customers have a more productive, more personalized and more rewarding experience.

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At 75 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, we are creating the model for an activated, vertical mixed-use building, creating a sense of community fit for the 21st century.

Re-Activating 20th Century Assets for 21st Century Needs

RXR prides itself on its ability to forecast trends from the insights that we derive from our deep understanding of our customers, community and markets, and to develop products that address these changing demands...

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“Increasingly, 9‑to‑5 is becoming 5‑to‑9, and the line between ‘at work’ and ‘at home’ is blurring. Community is the glue that brings it all together.”
Scott Rechler
Chairman & CEO
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Our Investment Strategy

Re-Inventing Real Estate for the 21st Century

RXR 1.0 – Following the sale of Reckson Associates Realty Corp. to SL Green, RXR Realty was purpose-built with the flexibility to nimbly follow our customers’ needs and stay one step ahead of the market. RXR became a pioneer in redeveloping iconic office buildings for the 21st Century and building affordably-priced housing around transit hubs.

RXR 2.0RXR is seeking to re-invent real estate for the 21st Century by providing an unprecedented level of service and experience while optimizing the utilization of our buildings. We are able to do this through leveraging both our physical and digital assets…or what we like to refer to as our phy-gital” assets.


Million Square Feet Under Management


Gross Asset Value


Multi-Family Units



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Featured Property

A Place With Purpose 475 Clermont: Luxury Rental Apartments at the Center of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

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